Bloated and Husky

May 14

Since it’s pretty much summer now, you need to know about all the new trends this season. Just for you ladies out there, were gonna give you some tips on what’s in and what’s a definite must not!

First off, what you should NOT wear this summer: Anything with too much neon. It’s summer, and it will most definitely be hot! You on the other hand will not be with sweat stains showing up in your neon green tank top. Please, do not wear more than one neon color, and let it collide with something totally different. I.e. Neon pink pants, and a Neon green shirt. It is not 1984 anymore. Let it die.

What you should be wearing this summer: A nice sun dress. Find something with a little bit of floral prints to give you an edge that nobody else has. Be bold and show off your curves! What you should NOT do is wear a dress that has way too much print on it. Different graphic designs and animal prints are not cute, and are not what’s in.

The last tip: Accessorize! Something that we see a lot of people going for this year is floral headbands/garlands. They’re really lovely and can make any old boring outfit look really relaxed and cool. Don’t overdo it with a huge headband that takes away from your outfit and covers half of your face. Remember to keep it simple, and small.

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Written by: T. Spence

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